Russian Civil Society: The emerging Russian model, women's role and representation

*Please notice the changes in the programme; State Duma members Tatjana Voronova and Salija Murzabajeva will attend the panel discussion on Women's Role in Civil Society and Politics. See the programme below.* - ja blogimme jäseniäkin paneelissa useampikin kappale (harmi kun en itse pääse paikalle...)

The Finnish Committee for European Security STETE will organise a seminar on *Russian Civil Society: The emerging Russian model, women's role and representation* on Monday 2 June 2008 at 14.00-17.00 in the auditorium of the new annex building of the Parliament.

The seminar will discuss the current situation and the development of civil society in Russia and the future of Russian international relations. The role of women as political and civil society actors will be emphasized in the discussions.The seminar language is English.The seminar is supported by the Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre.Please confirm your participation at latest on 28th of May 2008 by email stete(at)stete.org or by phone 09 260 0131.

***Russian Civil Society:**The emerging Russian model, women's role and representation* 2.6.2008, at 14.00-17.00Auditorium, new annex building of the Finnish Parliament (Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki)*
**Opening words**Krista Kiuru*MP, STETE´s Chair *Governance, politics and the civil society model*
*Outi Ojala*Vice-Chair of the Council of the Finnish-Russian Society
*Galina Panova*Doctor of Economics, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation
*Way forward in Russian international relations* *Teija Tiilikainen *State Secretary
*/Question and coffee break/**/

/* */Panel discussion: /**/ /**Women's role in civil society and politics*
Moderator: Helsinki University Researcher *Arto Luukkanen*
Panellists: STETE´s Vice-Chair, MP *Minna Sirnö*Researcher *Meri Kulmala*Chairman of the Finnish PEN Centre *Jukka Mallinen *State Duma member *Tatjana Voronova***State Duma member *Salija Murzabajeva**/Questions/*

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