Quo Vadis, Russia? - Vastauksia saat Tampereella tänään 02.04.2008 klo 16.00

Nadia Azhgikhina.
Photo by Reijo Nikkilä

Quo Vadis, Russia?
Perspectives of Russian Politics "After" Putin

2 April 2008
16-18 o'clock

Väinö Linna Hall
Kalevantie 5 (Linna Building)
University of Tampere


Professor Pami Aalto
Gazprom Factor in Russian Politics

Dr. Nadezhda Azhgikhina
On the Elections: Russian Media Between Freedom and Censorship

Dr. Sirke Mäkinen
Role of Political Parties in Contemporary Russian Politics

Dr. Sergei Prozorov
Putinism after Putin: Prospects for the Medvedev Presidency

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Short Speaker Bios

Pami Aalto, Jean Monnet Professor (acting), Department of Political Science and International Relations. Prof. Aalto has published widely on EU-Russia relations, geopolitics and energy policy. He is also the editor of the book The EU-Russia Energy Dialogue: Securing Europe?s Future Energy Supplies? (Aldershot: Ashgate).

Nadezdha (Nadia) Azhgikhina founded the Association of Russian Women Journalists in 1992. Between 1995 and 2001, she was a staff journalist on the daily Nezavisimaya gazeta (Moscow Independent). When its founder and editor was suddenly fired by the paper?s owner in 2001, she became a staff member of the Secretariat of the Union of Russian Journalists. Azhigikina is also a co-editor of the women?s studies journal, We/Myi: The Women's Dialogue. She teaches journalism at Moscow State University.

Sirke Mäkinen, researcher, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Tampere. Dr. Mäkinen is an expert on Russian politics, geopolitical thinking and political parties. Dr. Mäkinen has recently published a monograph with the title Russian Geopolitical Visions and Argumentation: Parties of Power, Democratic and Communist Opposition on Chechnia and NATO, 1994-2003 (Tampere: Acta Universitatis Tamperensis).

Sergei Prozorov, Research Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki. Dr. Prozorov is an expert on Russian politics and culture, EU-Russian relations, continental political philosophy, and international relations theory. He has published widely on all of these fields, one of the most recent publications being Understanding Conflict between Russia and the EU: The Limits of Integration. (Basingstoke: Palgrave).

Russian Studies programme, Department of Political Science and International Relations, CBU Masters Programme in International Relations, University of Tampere.

Dr. Anni Kangas, Department of Political Science and International Relations
anni.kangas@uta.fi, tel. 040 557 68 22

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